View of the world on Syria – 10 January 2012

Great Mosque in Aleppo, by Flickr user rinogas.

10 JANUARY 2012



Hezbollah reiterates support for Syria –

Geagea: Lebanon to begin state building after Assad’s fall –

Jordan selects 12-strong team to join Syria monitors: report –

Longtime Syrian dissident Kamal Labwani decries abuses by Assad government –


Press TV (Iran):
‘Iran, real target of attack on Syria’ –
Russia rejects stop war with war solution –
Iran to US: Stop leveling accusations –
‘Invading Iran is invading Russia, China’ –
Arab League teams visit Syria’s Homs –
‘Israel braces for meddling in Syria’ –
Terrorists blast gas pipeline in Syria –
Syria vacates consulate in SE Turkey –
US plans buffer zone along Syria border –
‘Israel braces for meddling in Syria’ –
Armed men confess to anti-Syria actions –
Interim govt. throws Saleh immunity –
Arab League extends Syria mission –
Eleven Syrian troops killed in Dara’a –
Qatar urges West to intervene in Syria –
Syrians hold funeral for blast victims –
‘Israel, West behind Syria unrest’ –
UN chief condemns Damascus attack –

Why Attacking Iran Will Not Work in 2012. Failure could Result in a US-Israel Military and Economic Tailspin –

Iran says it will close Strait of Hormuz if crude exports blocked –

“The supreme authorities … have insisted that if enemies block the export of our oil, we won’t allow a drop of oil to pass through the Strait of Hormuz. This is the strategy of the Islamic Republic in countering such threats,” Nouri said. (…) Meanwhile, Iran is planning a new round of “massive” naval drills codenamed The Great Prophet, which will be carried out by the country’s elite Revolutionary Guard with its own air, naval and ground forces, separate from those of the regular military.

Iran sentences American man to death in CIA case –




“The decision to attack Syria was made at a meeting at Camp David on 15 September 2001”

Most Syrians ‘supportive of Assad’ –

Libya rebels go gunning for Syria to topple Assad

Snipers and Death Squads in the Service of Western Intelligence –

Assad cousin denied visa to Switzerland –

Syrian opposition signs plan for post-Assad future –

Zasypkin: Syria observer mission deserves political, moral support –

Philippine FM steps up Syria repatriation efforts –

Leading Syrian citizen journalist killed –

Barak Says Assad Has Only ‘Few Weeks’ Left in Control

Canadian Researcher: US Targeting Syria to Change Region’s Geo-Political Reality –

British-Controlled Monajed Is Source Of All the Press Accounts of How Many Syrians Assad Supposedly Killed –

London Directs Terrorist Acts in Syria Through Jordan and Turkey –

The American-Iranian Cold War in the Middle East and the Threat of A Broader War –

Canadian Researcher: US Targeting Syria to Change Region’s Geo-Political Reality –

The Passionate Attachment – America’s unrequited love for Israel – A mistaken case for Syrian regime change

Obama Administration Seeks to Remove Syria From Human Rights Committee –

Arabs want Syria’s President Assad to go – opinion poll –

VIDEO: Syria: thousands attend Damascus suicide bomb attack funerals –

SYRIA: British Special Forces, CIA and MI6 Supporting Armed Insurgency. NATO Intervention Contemplated –

Syria: another misconception –

UK’s secret plans for Syria –

Another way of transferring the Syrian case to the UN

Arab ministers to discuss “toothless” Syria mission –

The Plan – The Play to the Overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad –

Arab states continue to disagree over Syria –

Twists and turns in Syria –

November 18, 2011 – Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack –

VIDEO: Jan 6, 2012 Russian warships to visit Syria.
Arab League accused of Syria cover-up –

Hariri: Reconciliation with Assad out of question –

Syrian Baath party conference to look at multiparty solution –

Siniora, Qabalan denounce Damascus attack –

Arab ministers give Syria mission green light to continue –

Security Forces Detain German Diplomats near Blast Site in Damascus –

Syrian journalist murdered in Damascus –

Media Workgroup Syria




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