Looking through a smoke screen: Syria


Terror attacks in Syria on 21 februari 2013.


Syria analysis March 2013

Arabic version (published on Tishreen website and in their newspaper)


Antwerp, 24th of March 2013

Looking through a smoke screen :


A tale of a civil war which isn’t and a proxy-war which are two

We, as Western public, are daily confronted through our media with horrible pictures of human suffering and acts of war-crimes depicted one time as proof of the atrocities carried out by the Assad “regime” against an innocent population craving for democracy and another time as a description of the results of a savage civil war.

The illogical contradiction of Western reporting

Books can be written about the dynamics of civil war or about what form it can take but the essential element present in every civil war is the fact of an internal conflict between two or more groups of civilians – ethnical, religious or political – engaged in an armed struggle whether or not supported by affiliated armed militias.

Looking at what has been going on in Syria for the last two years and a half contradicts the essence of the definition of a civil war as there is no internal armed conflict taking place in Syria between two or more groups which are part of Syrian society but rather, it has become crystal clear that what we are really observing is a proxy war carried out by foreign mercenaries and extremists financed, supported and trained by a coalition of foreign States aiming to destroy the Syrian State, society and all values what it stands for. Although the focus point of these acting states do run congruential – the destruction of Syria – their motives and final aims are far apart. We don’t witness in Syria an internal armed conflict between religious groups as Sunnis, Shi’a, Alawites, Druze, Christians in all their denominations and secularists are and have been living peacefully together since ages. Nor do we see an internal armed conflict between different ethnical groups present in Syria as for example Kurds, Arabs, Armenian, Turks or others. This is also not the case. And, although a political dispute could be traced in the beginning stage of the Syrian conflict, the nature of this political dispute is certainly not mirrored in armed conflict as a national dialogue has been set up and taking place from the early start resulting in a new political landscape which can only be looked at as an example of democratic reform, not only in the region of the Middle East but far beyond. Where, including Europe, have we seen a transformation in two years time from a de-facto one-party-state to a multi-party parliamentary democracy with a new constitution approved by a national referendum, parliamentary elections held and coming Presidential elections in 2014?

The absolute absence of the essence of a civil war, in conjunction with the profound and efficient democratic turnaround of the political landscape in just two years time proves the false displaying by the Western propaganda machine of the deadly and tragic events in Syria as a civil war or an oppression of a popular revolt as we have witnessed in other countries in the region. The facts and reality on the ground just don’t fit the theory of a civil war. And if there really was a massive popular uprising going on in Syria, could the government and Presidency of Bashar al-Assad really survive so long? Could the political turnaround really be realised in two years time if there was no popular support for it? How long did it take for the popular masses in Egypt to kick out Mubarak or Ben Ali in Tunis?

The myth of Syria being an Alawite State?

Being aware of their illogical and contradictionary representation of the Syrian reality, the Western spin doctors created the story of Syria being an Alawite State ruled by an elite Alawite minority.

Anyone familiar with Syrian society knows that one’s religious or ethnical background has never been an issue of relevance. Families are composed of mixed backgrounds, the same goes for economical relations or the State apparatus. Nowhere and at any level we can observe a domination by one group or another. Also not in the military with the Syrian army mirroring the same composition as civil society and the majority of officers not being Alawite.

Calling Syria an Alawite State because the President being an Alawite is a silly representation and parody of reality. Do we call the United States of America a Black Nation because President Obama being an Afro-American? Can we state that the United States is dominated by its Afro-American population because of an Afro-American President in office? This would be just as silly.

Are people aware that there are much more Alawites living in Turkey than in Syria?

Two proxy wars for the price of one, an unholy coalition

Proved that the representation of the events in Syria being a civil war as a total misrepresentation of reality calls for the need to define the true nature of what is really happening and taking place.

Observing that the large majority of fighters carrying out atrocities and terror attacks in Syria, not only against military but as well as against civilian targets and herewith not sparing anyone, including women and children, are foreigners who are financed, supported and trained from abroad through a coordinated and well organised effort and with a specific and well defined goal, we can without doubt call the aggression against Syria a proxy war. And if this is the case, a next question sprouts up. Who are the masters directing the puppets?

Pointing and defining the puppets isn’t difficult. It’s well documented, by the dead and and by the living, that these groups of terrorists are composed from extremists from all parts of the world. Passports and identification cards, as well as personal belongings found on the fallen proof that they are originating from different Arab countries around the Persian Gulf, North Africa and more specifically Libya and Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan as well as Caucasians. An increasing phenomenon are young Europeans whether or not with foreign roots, under the influence of Salafist teachings and preachers, recruited to travel to Syria to fight for an illusional cause where they will most probably find dead but this to the least concern of their recruiters for who killings and bloodshed of innocents is part of their sick morality.

If one side of the spectrum – the puppets – are easy to define and pinpoint, the other side of the spectrum – their masters – is a more complicated story as they consist of different protagonists working together under a temporary umbrella but, in the end, with wide diverging interests. This wide diverging interests can be categorised roughly into two categories.

A first proxy war

A first proxy war is waged against Syria by a coalition of Western States composed of the United States and their European allies driven by old-World neo-colonialist and imperialist interests which are mirrored in their efforts and obsessions to break the axis of resistance in the Middle East consisting mainly of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria and the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, but also winning conscience rapidly in the minds of the people in other countries of the region as for example Iraq, Bahrain and others and, by attacking the axis of resistance, in the same time protecting their main ally in the region namely Israel.

The resistance front is build on the common principle of self-determination and independence away from economical, political and cultural domination and exploitation by these Western imperialist States. The lands and resources – morally, intellectually and material – of the region belongs to its people. The occupation of Palestine by the Zionist State takes in this context a very important symbolical place.

The economical collapse and moral bankruptcy of the Western World is accelerating their neo-colonialist policies as these States aim by carrying out their expansionist dreams not only a political goal – in the form of political domination – but also if not mainly an economical end ; the exploration of new economical markets to dump their products because of the collapse and saturation of the Western markets.

And when describing the economical aspects of this expansionist war we must certainly pay attention to the vast natural resources present in the region under the form of oil and gas and the geo-strategic implications and effects, especially with regard to the competitive race for economical influence between the old-World Nations representing mostly the United Staes and Europe and other emerging political and economical power blocs as for example the BRICS-countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), the Non-Aligned Movement, the South-American MERCOSUR countries as well as other associations and organisations in different parts of the World. A political World-war for economic survival with real military battles under the disguise of humanitarian intervention is taking place under the eyes of the people.

A second proxy war

A second proxy war raging in Syria has a religious ideological nature and aims to erase the secular and multi-cultural character of Syrian society and replacing it with an extremist and deviated form of Islam creating an Islamic Emirate on Syrian soil as a starting point for extending it over the Middle East, North Africa but as well as parts of Europe and the Russian federation. If – hypothetically – these extremists would succeed in their mission to transform Syria in an Islamic Emirate, it would be utterly naive to assume that their ambitions end there.

Once again the question pops up of who are the masters pulling the strings of the puppets. The answer to that question is neither difficult nor complicated as these actors present their objectives blatantly and shamelessly clear.

Even when an unholy coalition between traditional Western imperialist powers and extremist Islamic elements looks odd at first sight, it is not exceptional as we perceived the same patterns during the Afghanistan war (1979 – 1989) where the United Stated put its full weight behind the Mujahedin to fight and defeat the then Soviet forces. So, when the end justifies the means it is not exceptional to see unnatural coalitions taking form.

But also on another level an unconventional coalition is becoming visible with three regional protagonists on stage. Although a coalition between Saudi Arabia and Qatar against secular Syria looks at first sight natural, we should clearly make a distinction between two currents and movements present in this block and also take into consideration the special place of Turkey in it as a third protagonist claiming its specific role and position based on the dream of a renaissance of the influence it once wielded during the epoch of the Ottoman Empire.

While Saudi Arabia represents the Salafist movement in the so called Islamic front against secular Syria, Qatar and especially Turkey are the main representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood faction within this front.

Another hypothetical question comes to mind. Imagine that secular Syria would fall, resulting with high probability in the massacre of its Christian and Shi’a minorities, who is going to fill the power vacuum? There is no doubt that the brothers in arms of today will slit each others throats tomorrow to fill the vacuum. He who does not see this is the victim of shortsightedness as a result of ignorance.

The same ignorance, incompetence and sheer deception is present when depicting the so called Islamic front battling in Syria as a legitimate Islamic movement representing Muslim values and beliefs. Only last week these so called Islamic militants killed the highly respected and moderate prominent Sunni religious scholar Sheikh Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti in a terrorist attack on a mosque in Damascus together with 40 other civilians martyred and more than 80 injured. During the last two years and a half hundreds of such blind terror attacks have been carried out by these foreign gangs with tens of thousands civilians massacred and entire cities destroyed. Their acts and the financial, material and political support they receive from their patrons in Doha, Riyadh and Ankara have been condemned in the most clear terms by millions of faithful not only in the Islamic World but over the entire world by people and governments from different religious and ideological backgrounds. When Pope Francis held his papal inauguration speech on 19 March 2013 in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, the Syrian national flag was proudly held up waving from the public present at the square as a sign of hope for a peaceful solution to the conflict and bloodshed.

The World is not anymore restricted to the United States and Europe : BRICS , NAM, MERCOSUR, ALBA, ASEAN, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) … represent the majority of the World population

The World has changed considerably after the end of the Cold War. While during the Cold War the World order was straight forward with a pro-American and a pro-Soviet block, the World has changed from a duo-polar to a multi-polar reality and the United States and their European allies failed or rather refused to acknowledge it.

Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet-Union and the resulting economical and political crisis, is back on its feet and a political force to be reckoned with. After being misled by the United States over and over again going back to the invasion of Iraq based on lies of weapons of mass-destruction over to the recent regime change in Libya on the false pretext of a humanitarian intervention and not forgetting Nato’s role and actions in former Yugoslavia, the new Russia is standing up and making clear that enough is enough. They don’t pick it anymore.

China (population : approximately 1,35 billion) has also reached the status of an economical and political super power and has pursued and reached this standing through a non-imperialist policy of economical cooperation without political interference in the affairs of other states. This policy of non-interference stands in sharp contrast with the meddling policies of oppression and regime change by the United States.

Latin America is another region which has reached a stage of development and political awareness by the people enabling it with the power and will to stand up for its rights and self-determination.

India (population : approximately 1,21 billion) is another powerhouse in the new multi-polar World and the era of India being a British colony has, despite the melancholic and nostalgic feelings of some in the the British government, passed a long time ago.

The arrogance of the old World order

When the United States and some European States talk in the United Nations about “our” moral obligation to intervene, “our” role to protect (R2P) and “our” duty to once again carry out regime change on the same false pretexts of democracy and humanitarian intervention, they ignore the fact that they don’t represent anymore the World population but only represent a minority attached to an imperialist and neo-colonial ideology rooted in a past century and still hanging on to it out of the need for economical and political survival.

When this Old-world political minority elite speaks for the vast majority of the world population, even pretending to represent them, it reflects a formidable arrogance and an utmost lack of respect for the right of self-determination and human rights which, cynical enough, they claim to defend.

Kris Janssen

Antwerp, Belgium

24th of March 2013.





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  1. Excellent,the western media are accomplice in each crime,a Nuremburg trial should be held for the sponsors of the deceitful phony invasions of Iraq,Somalia,Afghan,Libya and Syria

    Geplaatst door solomon | 30 maart 2013, 00:25

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