‘The besieged city of Homs’


The Syrian government and the opposition have agreed to discuss a deal to provide humanitarian access to parts of the old city of Homs during the Geneva-II negotiations.

Dear friends and journalists,

In the context of Geneva Two’s 2nd day talks, I heard many times in the media talking about “the besieged city of Homs” by TV presenters, journalists in the Ibrahimi’s conference and in the TV reports… even on RT…

However, as a matter of fact: There’s no signs of war in the city of Homs! 

Journalists who visited Homs are aware of what I’m talking about.

What was meant is actually CERTAIN areas in the OLD CITY of Homs. 

It’s about limited areas of the old city of Homs where there are still militants such as Bab Hood, Bab el Sba’ and Al-Khalidiya.

Further, Syrian gov. has been working with the red crux and other orgs to evacuate civilians since 2012 (during the int. observers presence in Syria, but the humanitarian convoys got shot by the militants themselves because they don’t want the civilians to leave them alone… 

Well, one can argue about the details of this issue, but when one hears on TV “the besieged city of Homs” (s)he will think it’s about hundreds of thousands of civilians besieged by Syrian army, while it’s in fact about only hundreds of militants with a very limited number of civilians “besieged” with them inside those areas.

Then what about the besieged city of Adra that contains indeed 100’000 civilians besieged by the “rebels”?!

What about the city of Aleppo that contains indeed 1000’000 civilians besieged by the “rebels”?!

Fortunately the siege has been (partially) broken thanks to Syrian army.

I was last week in Aleppo with many journalists. We have landed in the airport of Aleppo, drove by bus to the city of Aleppo, passing through many villages in the countryside of Aleppo which was an END of the siege that has been applied by the “rebels” on the people of Aleppo for almost a year.

What about the two villages of Nubbol and Zahra in the north of Aleppo besieged  by the “rebels” too? Aren’t they Syrians too?

Is Syrian people, for the “coalition” and its patronage countries, only militants who are either takfiri or sectarian? Syrian people asks!

Best regards,




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