Interview: Christians in Syria

Dear friends,

An interview I did for a publication in Armenia recently on Christians in the Syrian conflict. Although some interesting bits on Christian defense groups were edited out (for length), the discussion ranged from sectarianism – to Christians leaving Syria – to forced conversions by Islamist militias – to the fate of the Christians in Wadi al-Nasarah.

What to keep in mind?  I think it’s this:

“The Levant is all the richer for its diversity, and Christians play a huge part in that…I don’t think it is right to extrapolate from the actions of a few thousand extremists and plunge straight into a war-of-civilizations discourse. There is a real danger of exacerbating conflict by ‘framing’ the narrative in sectarian terms.”

Interview in English:

Interview in Armenian:


Sharmine Narwani.



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